tirsdag 23. april 2013

Hvor i "#%& kom den fra?


You are down, you feel like shit, you don't know what to do.
The mood you're in you'll kill somebody deserving
End up in a lot of trouble, hassle an chaos
Is it worth it?
Can I avoid it?

Yes you can.

With belief backing you up from the people you hold dear
their support and love helps with anything
Keeping you grounded and calm so your problems can be solved
without mess of the gross kind most want to spread.

It will help
You will grow

The need is there

Friends sharing their feelings for you is better than any drug in existence
Take it from somebody who has tried it all
A pat on the back and be told "you are worthy," you get high as a kite.

Kick your self up
Start the good life

And all of it is you.

You can do anything you just need to believe it
Some people say that you don't, forget about that
It boils down to the reason of strength you can muster
the best side effect is it stops all the bluster

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